The Christopher David Snyder Foundation

The foundation was incorporated on January 10th, 2006. Its specific purpose is to educate youth ages 15 to 24, about the seriousness and devastating outcome of reckless driving. The foundation will be a tool for educating our nations young drivers on the inherent responsibility each driver of a motor vehicle must burden in order to protect themselves, their passengers and innocent victims of auto accidents.

The Christopher David Snyder Foundation seeks to ingrain into young drivers the impact that reckless driving has on an entire community. including the impact on the families of people killed by reckless driving.

The areas of focus will include:

Providing the general public with informational and educational materials, programs, scholarships, and activities that will help increase public awareness of the effects of reckless driving in the teenage and early twenties driving population.

Each year, our goal is to be able to provide contributions to individuals, organizations, and other foundations like ours in order to help educate as many people as we can with the dangers of reckless driving. The one person we touch, the one family who learns from us, the few people who are informed and become aware of Chris Snyder's tragic death will help us save another life.

Numerous organizations and foundations are dedicated in research, education, treatment of diseases that strike and kill teenagers everyday. But the number one cause of teenage deaths is auto accidents. Let us join in this fight to overcome this battle against reckless driving and together let us save our children.

We are a non-profit organization with tax exempt 501c status.